Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snowman Card

This is one of the cards that we made at Doris's Party.  It uses the Stampin' Up! stamp set Two Cool Dudes.  I taught the gals how to make their own flower soft which is what we used for snow at the base of the snow man.  I think it gives it a neat effect.  You just take styro foam balls, which you cut in half, or I used a styro foam wreath that I broke into pieces.  You just rub the piece's together.  It crumbles into a fine powder, almost like grating cheese.  I took Crystal Effects and spread that on the card, sprinkled the styro foam onto it and have snow!  It also can be mixed with reinker to make colored flower soft that you can use on flower's etc.  When I was at Practical Cents on Tuesday, I saw a bunch of styro foam in the craft department, very cheap, so hurry on over there and pick up some and experiment.  I would love to see your creations!

I had an email from my friend Debby from Naperville tonight.  She has sad news, for me anyways.  They bought a new place down there and will be selling there place on Castle Rock Lake.  It is at the intersection near F and Z by the motel with the outdoor swimming pool.  I can't think of the name of the hotel right now, it might be Camelot.  Any how, there trailer is very nice, and the way the trailer's are lined up in there, you can watch the sunset from inside it in the living room.  I have watched it many times and it is quite beautiful.  They are 2 trailer's from the lake.  The trailer is very nice.  Here is what she wrote:
Other than taking a few little things, it will be for sale with furniture and kitchen stocked with just about everything.
We put in a new furnace, new windows on east side of porch, new clothes dryer, inside freshly painted, and my favorite, is a high man toilet.
Were asking only 39,000 for all that. 
I am sad that she won't be coming up anymore but understand that the community they will be moving into has all kinds of neat activities in it.  We had many fun stamping sessions in the porch.  But it will make a neat place for someone else.  If you would like more information, please email, and I will give you Deb's email and phone number. 

Deb, if you are reading this...I wish you much happiness in your new place but I will sure will miss you!  I will try and write tomorrow, I am tired now and need to hit the hay.  I don't know where my last email ended up, as I wrote to you before be on the look out for another one!  Hugs to all....good night!  Elaine

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