Thursday, January 14, 2010

The First Library in Adams, Scrapbook page

Hello!  It has been a nice relaxing day in Mayberry!  I have been working on the scrapbook for the library today.  Here is one of the page's I got done and this will be the opening page of the scrapbook.  This a picture of the inside of the very first library in Adams.  It was in a remodeled railroad coach car.  For those of you who do not know this.  Adams was built here because the railroad was going through.  Actually Friendship was built first and then the railroad didn't go through Friendship as planned, it went through Adams instead.  And my family moved here from Baraboo because of the railroad.  This scrapbook is being done in Stampin' Up! Neutral color card stocks, plain and textured.  It feel's kind of strange for me to be working with all solid color's and no pattern paper!  I am definitely a "color" girl, it is one of the reason I like quilting and stamping so much, all the mixing and matching of beautiful colors.  But this is a professional scrapbook and this is what we decided would be best for it.  So this will "stretch" me as an artist.  This was a little photograph that I enlarged to an 8" x 10".  I think it is the nicest photo that they have so really wanted to show it off.  I scanned and restored some other photo's today and my printer does such a nice job!  Love HP!!!
Tonight I baked up some fish that my neighbor across the street gave me, carrots, and a baked potato.  Yep...that is right, I actually ate a healthy meal!  LOL  Then I just stirred up Chocolate Chip Bars....hee hee.  I just can't ruin my reputation.  :-D  Actually I feel like Susie homemaker I ok!?!?!?!  I must be getting sick.  Hee hee.

Well, I think I will take a break and go read the 2 months worth of the Adams Blab, (the newspaper) that I am behind on reading.  Have a great night!  Boo

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