Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

I have been upstair's sewing tonight.  I am working on a quilt and I have the top half done.  I came down stairs to get something to eat as I had not ate very much today and I was getting hungry.  I sat down by the computer to eat and I had this photo in my email box from Jenna.  It said Happy New Year Elaine!!! From Roberto, Dustin, and Saul. :)
It was funny as I knew Jenna and Antonio were going to be over at Roberto's and Edith's tonight and I had thought about calling to wish them a Happy New Year.  So after I got this, I called there.  She said she had gotten most of the kids rounded up and took a picture of them on her Blackberry and sent it to me.  It is amazing what modern technology can do!  When we were at Carlson's decorating for the wedding, the little boys asked me if I could be their Grandma.  I told them after the wedding, I really would be Diana's Grandma.  They said they wanted me to be there Grandma too so I said sure.  Their Grand parents are in Mexico so they don't have any Grand parents here.  Edith had told Jenna when I was there one time how good it is for the boys to have this kind of relationship with me, that they need that.  The day after the wedding when we were saying our goodbye's at the Super 8, the little boy's were in the car and kept calling my name and telling me things before they were leaving.  Little Saul said my name for the very first time!  That sure made my day!  Jenna say's he copies everything everyone says right now.  And I suppose he kept hearing "Elaine, Elaine" and he decided that he needed to say it too!  He is such a cutie pie...they all are.  When we were driving to the reception, Diana says to me,  I was comparing when Saul came in and when Jenna came in and Saul stoled the show!  LOL  He did a great job being the little ring bearer.  He was really cute!
It is officially midnight now and I hear some fireworks going off in my neighborhood.  I hope that you all have a healthy and happy New Year!  Hugs!  Elaine

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