Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taffy finds a new condo!

I thought you would get a kick out of this picture.  Doesn't Taffy look cute!?!?  I had put my shower towels over the laundry basket where I put my dirty clothes, and I was walking out of the bathroom and saw her sitting in the basket on top of the towels, pleased as punch with herself.  She stayed in the bathroom most of the morning in her new condo.  Yesterday her favorite place was sitting on top of some new makeup bags I had found at the thrift store.  It always amazes me how the cat's will try and make themselves fit on the tiniest piece of fabric.  They think EVERYTHING was put there for them to lay on.  Later in the day, Molly pulled a good one.  I had just come down the steps and walked into the kitchen when I heard this awful crash on the steps.  I thought "That's really weird as I didn't have anything on the steps".  I walked back into the living room to a DISASTER!!!!  There is a dresser at the top of the stairs and I had a box sitting on top of it.  It has been there for weeks.  Molly must have taken a running leap for it, knocked it off the dresser, and it landed on the edge of the top of the steps.  It was a large box and it was full of cards, things I had gotten at swaps, a jar of tiny bows that the lid came off of, all kinds of little stuff.  Well it was scattered from the top of the steps, all the way down the steps, and all over the floor at the bottom of the steps.  One of those things you know is going to take you awhile to clean up, and you don't want too, but you know you have to.  Then when you factor in that my bend ability is bad, and it is real bad due to the cold, the thought of crawling around the floor doesn't sound like fun because you know you are going to hurting after wards worse than you already are.  Oh well, so it goes.  Sometimes they are like having a two year old in the house.  Frustrating...but as you all know, I love them.  KIDS!
In a positive note....  I had taken a jar of button's over to my folk's house on Sunday and asked my dad if he had any tools that would cut the shanks off the back of the button's.  I have ton's of beautiful button's that have been sitting in jars for years and I rarely ever use them because shank button's were really made for clothing and they do not lay right on craft projects, they flop around.  So...I have been thinking that if I could get the shank off, I could glue them on cards and 3 D projects.  I had bought a tool in a craft store years ago that was suppose to be able to do that, and after the 3rd button, it snapped the tool so I knew it needed to be something tough.  Time to get MAN  Mom emailed me today and said that Dad had a tool for me and that I could have it.  So I stopped over there and picked it up this afternoon when I was running errands.  I have been trading out some of my retired stamp sets for some new goodies, so had a bunch of packages to mail.  I am pleased to say that I tried it out tonight and it works really slick.  I did about 25 buttons tonight, and can't wait to put them on some cards as I have some beauties!  I am very tired so am going to head to bed.  Have a great day!  Elaine

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