Friday, January 1, 2010

Pony tails

It is hard to believe that today is the beginning of 2010.  I am not really one to make New Year Resolution's but my goal for this year is to sew more, and that I have been doing.  I finished the twin quilt top I was working on last night.  I need to pick up a quilt batting so that I can finish it.  So today I was working on these pony tail's.  I have 8 finished, another 10 cut, a stack of fabric's pressed ready to cut, and then a whole other pile of smaller pieces ready to be pressed.  It took me quite awhile to sort through the boxes that I have a bunch of smaller piece's stashed in.  A lot of piece's in the box were too small for this project, but I found way too many that will work and I will probably be sick to death of making them by the time I finish, but right now they are still fun.  ; D.  Like Di alway say's I can never do just a few of something.

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