Sunday, January 17, 2010

Future Stampin' Up Demonstrators!

My niece and nephew, Brooke and Ben, absolutely love to craft.  Way more than my kids did growing up.  The funny thing is that any kids that visited here were interested in what I was working on, but to my own kids it was old hat and they would tell me they liked things I was making but they were never really interested in learning how to do it.  If they wanted something, which wasn't often, they just asked me to make it.  I think as adults, they appreciate it more and quite often ask me to make things now and are starting to become more interested in crafting.  Sarah does a lot of decorating project's in her home.  They just finished sanding and staining all of their floors down stairs in their home plus she is repainting the rooms.  Any whoo...I am digressing.  Brooke and Ben loved cutting out flowers and circles with the die cutting machine and Brooke went home with a whole pile of them.  You can see the piece of white felt near the machine that Brooke was working on.  She had made a bunch of capes out of felt with one of her friends and I taught her to put a felt flowers on it today and sew a button on top.  That is as far as we got with the sewing.  She liked doing it, but was really having fun cutting them out with the machine so I let her do that.  Learning to thread a needle, and tie knots on the end of the thread were enough to learn for one day and kept her happy, that is the main thing.  Their will be other days to teach her more things.

Zach really liked his cake and card.  He said "Did you make this?" with wonder in his voice when he was looking at the card.  He told me he has wanted to be a fire fighter since he was 5 years old.  He starts schooling this week and is very excited about it.  I am so happy for him and that his dream is coming true.  He is such a cutie pie...don't ya think!!!!  We decided today that we will have Easter at my sister's house, and we are also planning a family get together, probably in the Dells, this summer where we can all stay together for a few night's in a big cabin or condo to celebrate my Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary.  So that should be a lot of fun as we have never done anything like that all together before.  Mike and Lenore took back their stereo equipment  that has been riding around in my van since the wedding.  So now the back is half empty!  Jenna's stuff is still in there, the vases, decorations, and pew bough's.  It sure will be nice when I finally get it empty again, but not sure exactly when that will be but at least  there is room if I need to haul something.  Have a great week!  Elaine

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