Thursday, March 24, 2011

You're so Sweet cards

Remember awhile back when I said I was working on a batch of 25 cards!?!?!?  Well here are some of them.  They all have the same lay out, which adds interest to the card while using up decorative papers.

It was a very busy day today.  Zach was home today as he is getting into a hard area of his EMT class, and Sarah and I both worked with him to prep for it.  He had made up flash cards, and while she was napping, I helped him study.  I prepared three meals today, and I had numerous phone calls about Diane.  She is doing okay.  It is a good thing she had the surgery as the gall bladder was mushy and it would have turned into gangrene if it hadn't been removed.  She was in a lot of pain this morning but they got that under control.  She asked to talk with me, and we talked a little bit then then her daughters took the phone away from her as they said she was getting loopy!!!  Ha ha.  It sound to me like she had something in her mouth, but I guess that was the drugs talking.  I don't know when she will be coming home yet.  I hope to see her when I am home this weekend.  I started a "to do" list for the weekend, things to take home, things to bring back, and things I want to try and take care of while I am there.  Jerri from Sarah's work came over tonight to give Sarah a pedicure, and she had supper with us.  Sarah had me make a run to Walgreen's to pick up some things for her and to get a bottle of chocolate brown nail polish.  She is standing up in Deanna Helms wedding next weekend, and the dresses are a Robin's egg blue, with a chocolate brown sash, and shoes.  So Jerri painted her toes a chocolate brown and it sounds like it will be Zach and my job to put a top coat on them every day between now and the wedding to keep them nice..  This Friday is the bacherlette party.  Sarah won't be able to participate in all of it but she wants to try and go to the dinner for a little while.  I hope she can make it through it.  She is making great improvement this week and is getting around so much better.  It is wonderful to see.

Sarah asked me to make some Get well cards for her, and I got three of them made in between other activites.  It should have been called a "limited supplies" challenge (they really do have limited supply challenges).  It was really hard to work with so few supplies......I am definitely spoiled with the amount of stuff that I have at home.  I plan on bringing some stuff back with me on Sunday, as I want to get some samples made for April's event.  I am glad that I got a lot of stuff done this winter as I sure haven't done much here.  I am to buay with other stuff!  I did finish the baby blanket yesterday, and I crocheted a few flowers with some embroidery floss.  They are turning out really cute.

I almost forgot to tell you that Zach did well on the three tests he had tonight.  I am so glad as he was really nervous about it.  He said he felt like an expentant father in a waiting room when he walked into gbd class room tonight.  They also gave "shots" for the first time.  He said that the girl that had to give him a shot was so nervous.  Her hands were shaking, and she kept saying she couldn't do it.  Zach kept reassuring her that he was fine, it would be fine, and that she wouldn't hurt him.  I guess after about six tries, she finally got up the nerve to do it, after Zach and the instructor told her to take deep breaths.  It is so fun to hear about his classes, and fire calls.  They get into some interesting situations and he is so very proud of being a firefighter..
Have a great day!  Elaine

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