Friday, March 11, 2011

Settling In

Today finds us all a little more rested and settled in.  Sarah had a good night last night so when I came down this morning, everyone looked more rested and was in "smiles".  Zach went back to work today, and he took Hunter, their dog with him.  So it is pretty quiet with just the two of us, Whiskey the cat, and Mr. Mean green the turtle.  Sarah is napping right now so I thought I would take a quick moment to get on the computer and give you an update.  If I don't answer an email, it is because I haven't had a lot of time to be on here.  I am either getting Sarah up and down, helping with her personal care, cooking, or cleaning.  Plus the dog has to go out a lot to go to the bathroom and is a lot of work too.  But he loves me to pieces which we are very happy about, and he listens pretty good.  We discovered last night that he knows that Sarah can't take him outside, as she asked him about 3 times if he wanted to go outside, and usually he will get all excited and run for the door, well he didn't until I said it.  He has it figured out that I will take him but she can't.  Funny, how animals pick things up so fast.  He has been good not to jump on her or bumper her leg.  Some times we tell him to kennel up and put him in the office if he seems a little rambucious, but for the most part he seems to understand that something is not right with Sarah. 
Zach is happy camper as I made him lasagna last night for supper.  He loves lasagna and took some for work today.  I keep offering to make him something to eat, and he keeps telling me no, that he isn't hungry right now.  He doesn't seem to want to bother me, so at least now, we know he will eat and be happy!
I went to Walgreens again today to get ice packs for Sarah.  Now we have 2 big ones and can rotate them back and forth.  Yesterday I got dry shampoo for her and detangler that you spray in.  Zach installed a bar in the bathroom last night after he finished unclogging the toilet.  You know when it rains it pours!!!  But everyone is dealing with it all well, and we are doing our best to help Sarah and keep her comfortable!  Elaine

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