Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update on Sarah

It has been a whirl wind couple of days.  Zach ended up calling the emergency room Monday night and they gave Sarah stronger drugs as what she was taking wasn't cutting it.  It has made her a lot more comfortable which is good.  I arrived around 1 yesterday afternoon and I went to the doctor's appointment with them.   It was a long wait and by the time we picked up her prescription, we didn't get back till 5:30.  Her meds had worn off, she hadn't eaten since early morning as she was hoping the surgery would be done yesterday, but that didn't happen.  So we quickly got her in the chair, we got some meds and food in her and she perked up again.  She will be having surgery sometime today.  We don't know the time for sure yet, the hospital should be calling shortly.  They will be putting a rod in her leg, and the surgery is suppose to take an hour.  Two slits in her leg, one by the ankle and one by the side of the knee.  The doctor feels this is the best option for her because if they had cast it, the leg may end up shorter. than the other one, and may not heal right.  The doctor felt that this was her best chance of it healing correctly, so this is the option they decided to go with.  It is broke near the  lower calf area in the lower leg, and the small bone is broke in 4 or 5 places, and the large bone in one place.  The doctor says if the large bone heals right, with the rod, that the small bones will heal around it.  It is a 5 month recovery period he says, and then the xray should look normal.  She will wear a splint I think for a few days and will have a doctors appointment again on Tuesday.  She is a model patient so far, so thoughtful and considerate of everyone else, and so appreciative of our help.  I feel bad for her being in such pain, but I am enjoying my time here very much.  Please keep up her in your prayers that all goes well today with the surgery, and that she heals well!  Thanks!  Elaine

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