Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday at the Dallman's

We had visitors for about an hour this afternoon, which is about the perfect amount of time for Sarah right now.  Zach's sister Sarah, Sarah's husband Andy, and their children Olivia and Henry were here.  We all enjoyed their visit very much.  They live about 2 hours away in Iowa.  They made up some meals and brought along which was very thoughtful.  Tonight, I baked the pizza crust Sarah made and then made a Hawaain pizza with the toppings she sent along.  It turned out good, and Zach who doesn't care for Hawaiin pizza even liked it.  I washed my clothes today, which was exhausting as their steps are in the basement.   Way too many trips up and down them.  I went up and took a nap after that.  I am going to have Zach carry the basket upstair for me as I thought I was going to fall down the steps carrying it down from upstairs.  They live in an old house with narrow steps.  But I am getting used to it.  I did some coloring with my copics this morning, so I will have some images ready to use when I get home.  We rearranged the living room tonight as the corner Sarah was is very hot.  I can hear them moving stuff again, so maybe they decided it should be different and she may have Zach moving things again.  I am feeling alot more rested since I had the nap this afternoon.  Elaine

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