Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday with Sarah

I finally got a chance to get to the computer.  The computer is in the office and sometimes we have Hunter go in there while Sarah is napping, and if I am in here too, he gets all wound up and won't be quiet.  I am pleased to say...and so is Sarah, that Hunter is listening to me very well and is doing what I tell him too.  Twice today, I got him to sit, and stay on his bed while we were getting Sarah in and out of bed, so I didn't have to put him in the office.  He is good about not getting in her way once she is up and walking on the crutches but kind of likes to be in the "middle" of things while we are transporting.  So he got a couple of treats today. 
Yesterday, Lennard was here in the afternoon to see Sarah, and he brought her cheese curds, and a couple of vegetable bowls, and dip.  In the evening her in-laws were here and we had taco's together.  Zach had his first on call for ambulance last night and he was real excited about that.  He is in the middle of his EMT course and needs to go on 5 ambulance rides.  So he had two of them last night, the second one being a transport to Madison, so he got in late.  The animals got all confused last night as I had went up to bed at 10:30 and the second call was at 11 so I was back down stairs again.  Hunter and Whiskey were horsing around and Hunter wouldn't settle down.  I had fallen asleep and he was in my face talking to me.  He couldn't understand why I was still "up", as I normally am upstairs out of sight at night and he didn't understand why Zach wasn't there.  So we finally decided that I should go upstairs to bed, and Sarah would call me when she needed to get up.  She must have fell asleep as my phone didn't ring, and I think she got up when Zach got home from Madison.  This seems to be how crazy our days are all the 
I got up around 5:30 to see if she need anything, so got her to the bathroom and back, more water, some applesauce, and whatever else she asked for, then got her laying back down again.  We have to pick up her leg so she can sit up in bed, to eat, or to lay down, or to get in and out of bed.  Moving is very painful for her, so we move slowly and carefully, trying not to bump her leg.  So after I got her situated, I went back up and slept till about 11.  While I was sleeping Zach took care of her and she got washed up in the bathroom today, a first.  She is very resourceful for finding little tricks to do things on her own when she can.  There friend Mark was here in the afternoon for a long visit.  Zach had a bowling tournament fundraisor today for the firedepartment and was gone from about 11:30 till 6:30.  Tomorrow, Mark gets confirmed at St. Peters where Sarah and Zach go to church.  Sarah really wishes that she could be there as she is the one that got Mark interested in being confirmed, but Zach will go to support Mark.  Gotta run.  Elaine

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