Monday, March 14, 2011


Good Evening!  Today I napped when Sarah napped, as my back is acting up, and it seemed to really help.  It was a quiet day, Zach was working and he took Hunter with him.  Sarah and I tried our first outing today.  She got her hair washed at the beauty salon.  It has been 7 days since she has showered and her hair was driving her nuts, even with using the dry shampoo which helped alot.  Her hairstylist came in on her day off with her two little boys which I entertained while Amanda washed Sarah's hair.  Fortunately the kids Dad arrived and took care of the one year old as he was toddling all over the place getting into things.  It was nice that the salon allowed us to come in while it was closed.  It is such a project to do anything, you wouldn't believe it unless you would see what we go through, because at the moment, the right lower leg is pretty useless, so Sarah's whole body has to compensate for it, and it is very tiring for her.  It is good that I have the van, as we have her sit on the edge of the middle set of seats which is like a bench.  I take her crutches, get them put in, then slowly lift her leg up and then she lifts her self with her arms, and scootches with her good leg across the seat so that her back is against the other door with the broken leg on the seat, then I carefully lift up her leg again while trying to get a rag quilt under it to get it elevated and straight.  Four times we have to go through this process before we do it again to get her back in bed.  But she is such a trooper and does it with a smile most of the time, but it is very painful for her.  After a dose of pain medicine, and some food, she was ready for a nap.  Gotta go for today.  Me

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