Thursday, March 24, 2011

Engraved Greetings

Stampin' UP! Stamp Set:  Engraved Greetings
Good Evening!  I decided to come up stairs early tonight as I am tired.  I stayed up working on the computer too late last night, or I should say MANY nights in a row and it is all catching up.  Today, Sarah Jo and the kids came over and they had lunch with us.  Olivia and Henry are so darn cute.  After they left, I went to Family Dollar to pick up a paint brush, and I found a little radio for the van for $5.00.  The stereo in it has been out for about a year or so.  I had someone suggest getting a little pocket radio.  So I am going to try that.  I have it playing up here on the bed and it seems to be working pretty good and it is getting some good channels.  So we will see how it works in the van.  It is worth a shot.  It doesn't bother me running around town not to have music but on long trips like going back and forth to Milwaukee, the trip gets long and boring and sometimes I get sleepy and music helps to keep me awake.  After my stop at Family Dollar, I stopped at Mimi's thrift shop and I bought a bag of buttons and some tiny music books that will be perfect for using for backgrounds on cards.  They are quite interesting.  Maybe I will shoot a picture of them at home this weekend so you can see what they look like.  I have been looking for sheet music for awhile but everything I have found has been too large for cards, but these are the perfect size.  Love 'em!!!!  After I got back, then I started working on dieing Sarah's shoes for Diana's wedding.  That is what I needed the paint brush for.  I used a chocolate brown Ritz die and applied it with a paint brush to the shoes.  It took a zillion coats to get them covered well but I finally got it done.  
Laura; the cake lady who made the cake for my birthday party, stopped in with cake samples this afternoon.  Deanna had us try four different flavors for her to see what we like best.  She ordered cakes for her wedding from Laura, and Deanna lives down in Janesville, so we were the cake testers.
I worked on crocheting some little flowers with embroidery floss today.  I think I have fourteen done.  Sarah is improving leaps and bounds now.  She got some food out of the frig today and got it into the microwave by herself.  She went and sat down and I carried it in to her.  She is getting around real good and is so good at balancing on one leg.  I'd be laying on the, but she does real well.  The swelling goes down a little bit each day.  We shot some more pictures of her leg last night.  Boy it looks gruesome, but it looks a lot better than it did.  Her toes are starting to look more normal except the big toe is still swollen.
Zach's dad is a customer advocate for John Deere and we got to watch a video that he was in on the internet.  He is flying to Las Vegas tonight to be apart of a convention, and will return on Sat. night.  John Deere came out to the Dallman's and took pictures of him.  He asked Sarah to help him pick out clothes to wear, and they had moved the couch so they would have a nice wall for a background.  John Deere photo edited the  pictures, to get just him, and the other advocates, about twelve of them and then they arranged them in the video in other backgrounds as they chose.  It was pretty cool to watch.  It is a sixteen minute video.  The advocates are people who use John Deere products every day for their business.  They tell John Deere what they would like to see for features on their products.  Sarah Jo's husband Andy works for John Deere (they live in Iowa).  He is an engineer and works with the skid steer line.  Andy has been in Vegas working this week at this convention, and will return home on Sunday night.
I  am looking forward to coming home tomorrow, but it will be weird to leave the kids too.  Sarah was teasing me today, she said to me "You know mom, you aren't going to stay are going home.  I think you made me break my leg so that you could come and stay....Bwahhh..haaa"   
Very funny Sarah.... Nope Sarah...I didn't see this one coming!!!  You took me by surprise!!!!!

Have a good one!!!  Elaine


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