Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back home again!

Hello-  I didn't plan this but I am now back home.  I had a accident yesterday.  I had Hunter out on the leash and another dog was walking down the street, and Hunter lunged.  I went flying off the landing of the steps about four or five feet in the air and landed prone in the grass.  I screamed and I scared Sarah half to death and she came hobbling on her crutches as fast as she could.  As soon as she knew I was okay, she started calling Hunter and got him into the house.  Surprisingly, when I dropped the leash when I landed, he didn't go out of the yard.  He just stood on the edge of the yard near the road.  I know he felt bad about it.  He was being all cuddly when I was laying on the couch.  My left leg is messed up, and left arm.  I went to the doctor today and they x rayed my ankle and that is not broken.  So I have a sprain, and am on crutches.  I am hoping I didn't tear up calf muscles or something as my leg feels pretty weak.  So Sarah thought I should go home, she didn't want me doing the steps there, and they will have her go to work with Zach and she can stay in the house and watch TV, and every one comes in for lunch and she can join them then.  I feel bad for leaving her in the lurch but they weren't concerned about it as she has been making such improvement the past week and has figured out ways to be pretty self sufficient.  Fortunately this didn't happen a few weeks ago when they really needed me.  So if you would add me to your prayers, I would really appreciate it!!!  Elaine

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