Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hello from the Dallman's!  It was back to work today for Zach.  First thing this morning I made Sarah and I smoothies and fried eggs on english muffins.  I was working on my baby afghan and Sarah and I were talking.  I keep finding out more things the kids did that I didn't know about when they were living at home.  The stories Sarah tells.....I can't believe that she didn't tattle on the older kids!  She was telling me today that Luke and Jordy had locked her in my closet and wired the bifold doors shut while I was at work, then they took other hangers and straighten them out and stuck them through the cracks between the doors and poked them at her.  She was laughing her head off about it, she thought it was quite smart of them!  LOL  Then she was telling me about the time she was maddest at Jenna.  How Jenna had her pinned to the floor and the she urped up flem and spit it on Sarah's forehead!  MAN!!!!  KIds!  Then we decided to watch the first movie in the Twilight series.  Sarah's friend and co worker Gerry brought them over for us to watch.  I guess she has been bugging Sarah for awhile to watch them and now she said that Sarah didn't have any excuses, that she had plenty of time.  We didn't think that we would like it.  Sarah said we would try the first one and that if we didn't like it that we wouldn't watch the rest.  We both liked it and were quite captivated by it all, much to our surprise!

I made a trip to Pamida late this evening and then worked on some coloring of images while Sarah napped tonight.  I was quite amazed today at how fast she is improving.  She can sometime get herself out of bed now, and when she does ask for help, she is doing most of the work herself now with her leg.  It is more like I am just there to guide it.  So that is great to see, and gives her some encouragement!

She received a plant today from their friends Bill and Janet, and she had another piece of "happy mail" today, a card from Darla. She has been getting cards most every day, and loves it.  I think there has only been one day so far that she hasn't had some "happy mail", some days she will have two cards.   Her sister in law Sarah and the kids are planning on coming over for a visit tomorrow and I think her friend Trista might stop too.  So it sounds like we will be having a busy day.

Hunter was a little wild child tonight when I took him outside to go to the bathroom.  I don't know if there was something in the yard somewhere or what.  He kept running back and forth across the yard, trying to get around the house, and I swear he sniffed every inch of the yard that he could reach.  He nearly pulled me over the porch railing the first time I had him out tonight and the second time he was out, he knocked the pole over for the bird feeder, and knocked the feeder on the ground.  So the first thing when Zach came home from his EMT school, I had to tell him about it so he could get it put back together!  Elaine

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