Sunday, March 27, 2011

Canning Jar #3

Hello!  I am back down in Reedsburg tonight.  I feel rested and ready to be back at it!  I worked on packaging and pricing things for the Dells and the flea market this afternoon at home before I left and I got a lot done.  I stopped at Nadine's on my way out of town and dropped off an embossing folder that had been back ordered.  After dropping off a bank deposit, I met Doris at the Easton Town Hall to giver her order to her and Sue Paape's.  My next plan was to stop at the Craft Mall and stock my booth, but when I arrived, the clerks were walking out the door, they had just closed.  I did not realize that they had winter hours, and that they close at six in the winter time.  The hours change back to ten am till eight pm on April 1st.  So I will stop there on Thursday morning on my way home.  The kids were talking this weekend, and now that Sarah is getting around better, we think that I can be here from Sunday night till Thursday morning and if we get things ready and make a few changes, Sarah can be here by her self on Thursday, and Friday during the day.  If Zach were not going to school, they probably could handle things but it would be too much for him to handle with school right now.  As it is, he is going to take a half day off tomorrow to try to be ready for Monday nigh's classt.  He has school on Mon. and Wed. nights, and fire drill on Tuesdays.  He was on ambulance call Sat night.  He went on one call so now has three out of the five that he needs to do done.  I will take Sarah on little outings on the days I am here, and will we do some cooking, make sandwiches, switch to bottled water, etc. so that she can stay on her own.  So we are going to try this out and see how it goes.  I think Zach's class ends the beginning of May, and the first weekend of May, he wants to take a water rescue class that weekend, so I will probably be here then.  He wasn't going to take it, but we both told him to go ahead, that we would be fine.  Tomorrow, we will make a trip out to Jimmy's for her shower, and she mentioned that she would like to go to the grocery store also, so maybe we will do that too.  She sure has made leaps and bounds this week and is getting back to her old peppy self!  It is great to see!!!  Elaine

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