Thursday, October 1, 2009

Elegant Greetings

Good Evening! It is raining away here in Friendship, WI. I have had a perfect day, stamping away in my stamping cave. I stamped last night and most of today. I think I am finally getting rested up. I woke up with a headache again but a dose of Excedrin migraine did the trick. I just love those miracle pills! I have been making samples for stamp camp and made some door prizes. You are going to love them!!!

Mom gave me some humongous baked potato's that some one brought her fresh from the field this weekend. Those are the very best baked potato's and I am enjoying one right now. Absolutely yummy! I can't finish it. I wonder if Molly and Taffy will eat it. Think I will go see. If I had to make an educated guess.....Taffy will eat it and Molly won't. I am back from the kitchen and I was partly right. Molly just licked at it for a little bit, I think that she liked the taste of the butter and sour cream. Taffy was licking it too and just came out licking her chops like she just had lobster! Hee hee. They are great entertainment, that is for sure.

Lady Di dropped in this afternoon for a visit and saw my projects that I have been making and thought they were very cute. She usually does thinking they are cute except for when I made the sock monkey. He gives her the creeps! LOL Probably because she is so into Spiderman....hee hee! I can already feel the dagger's she will be sending me when she reads this!

I talked with Jenna last night and she is busy doing her bridal registrations. Antonio and Jenna will be coming on Saturday night and staying over night here so I am excited about that.

My mail is now going to be delivered out of the Adam's post office and will be delivered in the middle of the afternoon instead of around 10 am as in the past. This was suppose to be starting yesterday. I think they have decided not to deliver it at I have not had mail for 2 days and the Adams Blab (newspaper) should have arrived today. I am patiently/impatiently waiting for my package from Colleen in Oregon as I know there will be a new stamp set in it, On a Pedestal, as we did some swapping. And you know how I like to play with new is like Christmas morning! Speaking of Christmas...I am suppose to have my Christmas wish list ready for Sunday's family get together. Anyone got any idea's of what I should put on it!?!?!

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