Friday, October 23, 2009

Friends 24-7

More rain today has made my road impassable even though they smoothed it out this morning before they left town. My neighbor brought my mail to me late this afternoon. She has a four wheel drive jeep, and told me that I'd better not take the van out on it. Guess I should have moved the van over to the parking lot next door. Oh well, didn't have plans to go out anyways. I have not heard ANY vehicle's traveling on it it must be bad.

I finished the yo-yo quilt in the early am this morning. I was on the phone till midnight and was working on it while talking. I thought....and the key word here is "thought", that I only had an hour or so more to do on it and I would be done so I thought that I would just stay up and finish it. Well...I didn't get done with it till 3:30 am! But yeah!!! It is done. It was about 5 am before I went to sleep.... I shouldn't have done that, I know better, but fortunately the phone was quiet this morning and I could sleep in.
I got a thank you card from Jenna today, it is funny when you get one of your own cards back in the mail! But she wrote a very nice note on it thanking me for my work on the shower and wedding, etc.

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