Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wishing You Life's Greatest Comforts

Good Evening! Last night I stayed up late and finished the wedding invitations as far as I could. I need some brushed gold card stock, and some ribbon that I ordered, and then I will be able to finish them. Twenty six are totally finished and the rest are assembled as far as I could assemble them. So I am 3/4 the way done on them. My ribbon will be arriving on Monday so I will be able to finish them after that.

Today, I awoke at 7 am to the sound of machinery. They were working on my street or some where near here. Fun Fun. So it looks like I am going to have to get to bed earlier as I am usually up a couple of hours (or more) each night. I think I got a total of four hours of sleep last night. So as soon as I am finished with this....I think I will hip hop off to bed. Molly will be glad of that. She is sitting on top of my wrists as I type... purring. She thinks it is petting time. Sometimes I think I need to hire someone to sit and pet her so I can get something done!!! She is one spoiled cat that is for sure. She is definitely my baby.

I worked hard today making cards. I was working with the Medallion stamp. It was my first day to play with it and it was so much fun. I got 18 cards finished today with 4 different designs that I will be showing to my stamp camps next week. Melissa stopped over for a while today. She is going to take some of Wayne's scrapbook stands to the CURDS event she is going to this weekend.

I just finished all the paper work for the Thrivent grant for Community Quilting. We will not be receiving a grant from them next year as they need to fund other organizations. So if you know of any organizations or individuals that would be interested in supporting a very worthy cause, please let me know. We get a lot of donations of fabric, but we need money to buy batting and sheets to back the quilts with. Any amount helps. The quilts go to victims of fires, tornado's, social services, rescue squads, sheriff department cars, domestic abuse, nursing homes, assisted living, etc. These quilts touch so many people in our community and all the quilts stay in Adams County. We will be able to apply for a grant with Thrivent again in 2011, but for 2010 we need to find other funding. Have a good night! Elaine

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