Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just Baseball

Hello. I just finished having some pizza casserole that was delish! My neighbor Debi was over this morning, the one that I barter with, and she swept, vaccumed, took out the trash, and picked up my mail for me. It is good to see clean floors. I unpacked and put all the stuff away from stamp camp's, and unpacked a few small boxes of greeting cards that I had brought home from the flea market last week. Sarah called on her lunch break today and we finalized our plans for the bridal shower on Sunday. Sarah and Zach have been gone to Las Vegas with Zach's folks for the past week to see his sister Mandy and her family. We didn't have a chance to talk about the trip so I will have to find out about that later. I had a shower, took some meds and layed down. I slept the WHOLE afternoon and woke up around 5. I had not intended on doing that but I must have needed the sleep. After I got up, I stirred up the pizza casserole, rearranged things in my freezer so that I will be able to get the cake for the shower in there, and did dishes. I am going to go bake the cake now. At least I have been able to get a few things done in between laying around!!! LOL I hope you all are getting more done than I am. I was able to get the ribbons all tied on to the wedding invitations last night, so that is another accomplishment, amongst all the bed rest. Oh well....this too shall pass! Have a great night and keep warm! Elaine

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