Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Isabelle wearing the new barrette's

I took these pictures last Saturday of Isabelle wearing one of the new barrette's I made. Doesn't she just look adorable with it in her hair!?!?! I am going to print these picture's and put them by the barrette's so people can see what they look like when someone is wearing them. I realized that I forgot to take off the price tag before I took one of these pictures. :-(

Boy is it lovely out today. A perfect fall day.

I just rested most of the morning today. I watched some TV and dozed. Susie came over for a visit in the early afternoon, and since then I showered and have been putzing around here doing a few things. I don't have a lot of "get up and go" today but am getting a few things done. I think I will be heading back to the bed soon and it will be my friend most of today. The cat's will like that. They love to be curled up with me. I have put Molly down 3 times already while trying to type this as she hops up and sits in front of the keyboard and screen so that I can't work. She wants to be petted. She is definitely a "mama's girl". Enjoy this beautiful weather!

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