Friday, October 9, 2009

Old Friends

Hello! Today was a special day. First of all I went and picked up Mike Danowski, one of my dearest friends who lives in Germany. We have know each other since he moved here in the 6th grade. Mike is one of those friends that if you don't see him for along time, you can pick up right where you left off at. We met our other friend Pam (Collins) Boshela for lunch at Family Affair. Pam and I have been friends all through school. She had a class picture of us that she brought along with her today where we were standing next to each other in Smock tops, which were all the rage then. I think we were in the 4th grade. Pam and I stayed over night at each other houses, spent many birthdays together, her mom sewed me doll clothes. When we were in high school we double dated a lot. We share a lot of history together.

After lunch we watched the Home Coming Parade by Roseberry's Funeral Home. Mike's neice and nephew were there. This is the first that Mike has seen his new little niece who I think is about 6 months old. She is adorable and Mike has fallen in love with her like he does all babies. When my girls were babies....he would come over to visit and would hold them for hours. He loves little kids. He is making a John Deer tractor and trailer cake for his nephew Riley's birthday. They are having a party tomorrow. After the parade we came back here and looked through some photo albums that Pam had brought along and we visited some more. Pam headed back to Beloit and I took Mike out to his dad's house. Then I stopped at the flea market to pick up my greeting cards, went to the bank, and Pamida, then headed home. Melissa caught me on the phone as soon as I walked in the door.....some times I think she has a hidden camera set up outside that sends off alarms to her to let her know that I am back home! LOL I had quite a few phone calls to return and then spent the evening camped out on the bed with the lap top looking at blogs and watching Dancing with the Stars....and answering more phone calls. So it has been a busy day! Oh....I almost forgot to tell you that the jacket Pam had on was a jacket she found, that she still had, from when she bowled for Good and Plenty, which for those who are long time residents of here know that it was our first "fast food joint" in Adam's County. Mike's mom and dad owned it. Pam and I both worked there when we were in high school. So we got a good laugh when she dragged this jacket out and put it on before the parade! Enjoy your friends! Boo

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