Saturday, February 19, 2011

A very happy birthday party!

Today was my birthday party that the girls and my family had for me.  It was a lovely party and I enjoyed it so much.  They had the hall decorated so pretty in red and white balloons with a 50 balloon on top of each bunch of balloons. The balloon bunches were each anchored with  a pink heart shaped Guiredelli Candy box..  Red, white, and black streamers decorated the tables, and there were two bouquets of flowers that matched the decorations so nicely.  One of them was from Jerry and Vicki Dallman, Sarah's inlaws, and the other one was from my sister Lenore and her family, and her's had a balloon with a kitten attached to it, plus a teeny tiny miniature blue kitten was attached to the card.  The food table was so bright and colorful, it looked like a picture out of a magazine.  It was all so delicious and everyone loved it.  The real big hit was Antonio's guacamole.  It was to die for!!!  Sarah had a gal in Reedsburg make me an adorable chocolate cake.  It had spools of thread in one corner, needle in thread in another corner, and flowers that looked just like flower's I would make scrapbooking.  It was adorable and very good.  They actually put 50 candles on the cake.  I asked Brooke if she would help me blow them out and she wouldn't as she told me that would be bad luck.  Being that I couldn't get them all out....I was told I had some boyfriends....LOL  Sarah had spare balloons for the kids to play with and Ben, Brooke, Diana, Campbell, and Kellyn had a ball bouncing them back and forth to one another.  Mason had a ball watching them.  He was good as gold through out the whole party.  I was holding him when people first started coming in and when they would say hi to him, he would sit up straight, smile a big smile for them, and charm the pants off of them!  It was like he knew that first impressions are important!  :-D  He let any one that wanted to, hold him.  It was so wonderful to see him, that in itself was a gift!!  I received many beautiful gifts from my friends and family, and was totally spoiled rotten today.  Thank you to everyone who came and made my day so special!!!
You should see my house with all the batches of balloons and flowers!!!  The cats don't know what to think of it all.  When I was unloading the van, I came back in the door, and here is Taffy jumping off the counter as she heard me coming and she knows she is not suppose to be on the counter, but she couldn't help herself, she was up on the counter, checking out the bouquet of flowers from Gerry and Vicki.  I think Molly was actually scared when I came in with all of the balloons and the sounds that they were making.  After I got them all situated where I wanted them, Taffy was having a high old time chewing on the ribbons.  I am sure this will be great entertainment for both of the cats this week! 

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