Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The love of my life....little Mason!

Here are some new pictures of Jenna and Mason that I just received from Jenna's friend Becky.  Becky and Mariah were at Milwaukee on Saturday to visit them and Jenna told me that Becky had taken some pictures while she was there.  Becky and I are friends on Face Book so I asked her (or as Jenna says "begged" if she would send me some pictures.  Can you tell this Grammie is going through MASON WITHDRAWAL!  It is so nice to see some pictures of my sweetheart (and Jen too!).  The quilt behind Jenna is the quilt that I made for her high school graduation present.  It is fun to see Mason in his little jump-a-roo.  He loves it so.  Jenna is always telling me when we are talking about how much he enjoys it and how high he can jump!

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