Thursday, February 24, 2011


There not too much new to report from here today.  I had a visit from Becky this morning, and had several people in and out today to pick up order's.

Jenna had told me last night that she had melted the new dog teether I gave Mason on Saturday which he absolutely loved.  She put it in some baby sanitizing bag in the microwave!  YIKES!!!  So she wanted to know if I remembered where I bought it as he loved it.  Fortunately for her, I got it at Family Dollar in town and they still had some.  It has a cat and dog and they are a perfect size, he can hold on to them good, and chops on them like a cookie!!  LOL  So grammie got him some more.  Mason and I will have to make sure that his mommy doesn't get her paws on them!  LOL  She is so fanatical about all his stuff being clean, and I keep telling her that I can't wait till she calls me up to tell me that he has been eating dirt!!!  LOL  I am bad.....  :-D

I made Pat Sorensen's casserole from the old PTO cook book tonight for supper.  It is so simple, but I sure do love it.  You brown a pound and one half of  hamburger (I used my last pkg. of elk in i tonightt) with one chopped onion, then add six peeled and chopped potato's and six peeled and chopped carrots with four cans of tomato soup and put it in a greased nine by thirteen pan, and bake it at 350 for two hours.  Delish!!!  And it freezes well too, and tastes the same reheated as the first time you make it.   I liked it so well because you can keep these staples in the house and make it when ever you feel like it.  It doesn't call for any special ingredients.  If you try this...let me know how you like it!!

Other than that, I really haven't accomplished a thing today.  I slept from about 10:30 till 1:30 today after I had already had a great night's sleep, but my sciatica is a little better today.  It is out of the foot and calf, and now starts from about the knee up so all the laying still and sleeping probably helped things.  I have been messing around on the computer today.  I made my own digital paper for card fronts with the Sew Sweet Digital paper.  I had read on a blog where someone had taken the pick sheet that looks like embroidering on the corner, and they had cropped the paper down so that you had that corner left.  I decided that it would be fun to try and do this as that corner makes such beautiful cards and it turned out really good, plus I made a sewing card front with My Digital Studio.  I took some digital sewing stamps that I bought and played around with them in MDS till I got them all the size I wanted.  I resized them, flipped them around, and kept arranging them until I made a nice layout.  I saved it and will be able to print it out over and over, then I will just have to color it and I will have a nice card front.  So it was fun to be playing and learning new things.  I sure do love my computer!!!  Elaine

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