Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rock star post a note

More fun with the bakers twine on these post a note holders.  Love that stuff!

Debi was over today to pick up her towel order.  She blazed a trail through my unplowed driveway.  :)

I have been cutting and sewing on barrettes today, and running fabric through the Big Shot with the clear flower die.  I cut up a pile of scraps and have a nice little pile started that I think I will make a quilt with and/or potholders.  Taffy was "helping" by laying on the fabric, or when I moved the little barrette piles near my sewing machine, she decided she needed to reach out with her paw and keep them in place.  Too funny.  Cats sure do like fabric!

I made chicken in the slow cooker today and it was yummy.  I suppose I should pull something out of the freezer for tomorrow.

I finished decorating 14 bind it all books last night and I started another scarf that is about half done now.  I was working on it watching "Old Yeller" lol.  And then I watched half of the movie Kalifornia and will finish the other half of it tonight.  What a difference in movies!!!!  Think I will stick with Old Yeller.  :-D

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