Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love my bind it all!

Good Morning!  I realized last night after I was in bed and had the computer off that I forgot to post yesterday!  Well...I guess a gal is allowed to forget now that she is officially OVER THE HILL!!!!  Yesterday was my 50th birthday, and yes...I am a Valentine's baby too!  I had a very nice day yesterday.  It started out with my mom stopping over and she brought me 2 pieces of chocolate.  She said that I have to wait till my birthday party on Saturday for my present.  If you are around and would like to stop in, my party will be on Sat. Feb. 19th at 1 pm at Immanuel Lutheran Church.  I am sure little Mason will steal the show!!!  LOL  
After Mom left, I was Iming with Colleen and talking with Di on the phone and the Christmas/Birthday package that Colleen sent me arrived in the mail.  It was full of goodies that I loved and I was dieing laughing at all the little notes she had on the packages.  My favorite two notes were the ones that she had on the stamp set Eat Chocolate (something about her not being able to stand it that I didn't have the stamp set) she knew I wanted it and on the package of Hershey's candy bars (that I could wrap my own candy bars but she knew they would never make it that far, with a stick person drawn rolling on the floor laughing!)  And then there was the 50 and Fabulous key chain, and the Maxine book about growing old Disgracefully...LOL plus lots of other goodies.  Even though you couldn't be here Colleen, it was like you were, and it was so fun to open all the little packages with the notes attached to them!!!  I also had electronic birthday cards from Tastefully Simple and one of the gals on Late night stampers, plus between 40 and 50 birthday messages on facebook, I lost track of the count...they just kept coming :-D, and birthday cards and Valentines in the mail on the weekend.  Right before I left to go to stamping Debi Wehby dropped by with my birthday card.  She is coming to my party on Sat. but felt I should have my card on my birthday, and Sandy Wellumson felt the same way and gave me a beautiful card at stamping that she made for me.  PLUS.....Di ordered me a birthday cake that was at stamping last night.  It was so cute.  It had black balloons on it and over the hill candles on it. (at first I thought they were tombstones, lol...until I looked closer and read all the letters!)  I was also tickled to receive a beautiful bag of fabric scraps from Sandy Wellumson and a stack of patterns that she no longer wants.  I will put them to good use Sandy!!!!  Thank you to everyone, you really made my day special!!!  Hugs!  Elaine

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