Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Running in circles

Today was a run around day and I felt like I was running in circles, even though at the moment, with my current back problems, I can barely walk let along  It started out with a trip to the bank, post office, pick up a prescription, and dropping off a Tastefully simple order at the Community Center.  Then I headed to Mauston and stopped at the new Vinnie's store.  It is nice, reasonably priced too.  I found Mason a brand new pair of slippers to grow into that had the original price tag still on it for only a dollar.  And I bought 2 bags of embroidery floss for $2.00.  One bag had 40 new skeins in it and the other 35.  A real bargain that is for sure!!!  Then I was off to Mile Bluff Clinic for my two doctor's appointments, and lab work, plus trips up and down to get my next appointments scheduled.  I ran into Walgreen's to pick up some of the erasable pens that I like, then headed home as it was snowing.  Fortunately, the roads were dry and it was just swirling around.  Then I headed back to Pamida with two new prescriptions, ran into Nancy Breezee and had a chat with her, talked with the pharmacist awhile then got a phone call from Mile Bluff that my labs were good.  My current medications haven't damaged anything.  One more stop to Family Dollar where I ran into Anita Wilson, and we had a visit, and then I headed home.  By that time, I was one hurting scooter, my back is really giving me problems at the moment.  It is good to have the running around done and I should be able to stay home for a few days now!  YEAH!  Have a good one!  Me

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