Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spoiled little pets....lol

Hello-  I am writing on my lap top from out at Di's house.  I have spent the afternoon out here, and currently have a chicken rice casserole in the oven that I brought out for supper.  I got a dog food sample in the mail today and brought it out to give to Bernie.  I was throwing him dog food and he was gobbling it up, and so was Charlie, Di's cat.  Between the two of them, the cat and dog, they have been pestering me all afternoon.  Either for more to eat or to go out to go to the bathroom, or just because they think they need more attention....lol  Di finally hollered at them to cut it out, that they had pestered me enough!  :-D
I did manage to get a new rooster towel stitched this afternoon, in between monkeying with the animals.  I am going to started another one right now.  These are some more tags that I made.  The bird and coffee cup are from the stamp set Fun and Fast Notes.  A cute set!  Try and keep warm....it is freezing here....AGAIN!!!!  Elaine

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  1. I love these tags you have done a great job on them and thanks for sharing them with us. I really like them.


    Donna Scrapp'n Nana