Monday, February 21, 2011

Still snowing.....

According to the news at 6 tonight, Arkdale recorded 12 1/2" inches of snow, and I believe it is true that we got that much.  I looked out a little while ago, and it looks to me like we have at least two more inches since the driveway was plowed and deck shoveled late this afternoon.  The poor UPS man hoofed it up the driveway through the snow to bring me my stamping order, laughing away, saying "I hate winter!"  Susie Bartel ventured through the snow filled driveway an hour or so after that.  When I apologized for not being plowed out yet, she replied, laughingly, the things we will go through to get our order!!!  After I got plowed out, I went to the bank and zipped over to Pamida to pick up some hairspray and then came back home as I knew that Sandy Wellumson was planning on stopping to pick her order up.  I started working on my 6" x 6" recipe pages for a swap I am going to and I just finished all 14 of them.  I am happy to have them done.  I need to decorate my Sista gift and then I will be all finished with the swap stuff and can move on to something else!  I have a whole pile of stuff on the kitchen counter to photo graph, so soon I will have some new things for you to look at.  I hope you are not getting sick of looking at tags!!!  Elaine

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