Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still celebrating....

Good Morning...that is EARLY morning...yes....this crazy girl is still up!  I just finished cutting one of the projects for March's stamp camp, and I am Iming with Colleen right now.  It is 2 hours earlier in Oregon, and she likes to keep me up past my nonexistent  Gotta try and blame someone...and she is a good sport!!!  I probably would be in bed if I hadn't spent a zillion hours on the computer today.  I decided that I am going to make a card sketch book to have at my work station, so I have been downloading sketches all day on to my external hard drive, and then I will print them out.  It will be so nice to have some inspiration right at my finger tips all the time!  
I had an early morning visitor.  Doris was over this morning to bring me a birthday present and to visit.  Thanks Doris for the lovely presents!  I love them!  And while I was drying my hair, I didn't hear Sue Paape come, but later found a box of polar fleece that she told me she was going to give me.  What a pleasant surprise, and it will be great when I get started sewing mittens.  

Diane was over in the afternoon while Bernie was getting his haircut.  She is trying out the new groomer in town.  She was playing with Taffy and Molly with some of my baker's twine while she was here, much to Taffy and Molly's delight!!!  She really had them going!  I was working on the rest of my garden gloves.  I had picked up 6 pair in Tomah on Tuesday.   I put the tags on them that I had made with I was working on the last batch so now those are all finished and ready for sale.  

I am going to head off to bed.  Make it a great day!  Elaine

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