Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friends like quilts give comfort when needed

 I love the scissor back ground that I stamped for this card.  It gives the illusion that it is designer paper but it is not, yet I can make it over and over...what ever color my little heart desires!

Neighbor Debi was over and got 7 post a note for Valentine's gifts this afternoon.  It is very warm here today.  Every thing is melting and huge chunk of icicles are falling off the roof.  Every now and then I hear one crash and it sounds like the sky is

I finished packing up my stamping stuff for tomorrow night so that is already to go.  I also cut out a dozen microwave potato bags out of fabric and batting.  So those are all ready to start sewing on now.  I think I am going to head upstairs to get some barrettes, and felt and finish assembling them.  Always something to do around here.  I always have 80 million projects in progress and have about a zillion more that I want to do.  I probably won't live long enough to make them all but I will die trying.....LOL  I guess it is better to be busy than bored.  Enjoy the warm weather!  Elaine

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