Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pretty Packaging

Good Morning!  I received this little bundle of prettiness in mail yesterday from Corrinne and Gus.  I wanted to rip into it right away to see what my birthday present was, but it was packaged so darn pretty that I decided that I should shoot a picture of it for you so that you all could see how pretty that she had it packaged!  I just adore that little tag and am definitely going to try and copy that idea!  LOVE IT!  Thanks Corinne.  I hung the little bluebird sun catcher up in the kitchen window.

I have a funny little story to tell you today.  Last night when I was talking to Jenna, she was telling me that Mason was crabby last night during his bath.  He usually loves them, and loves splashing in the tub.  Any how she says that he had been fussing, and crabby.  Then when she took him out of the tub and laid him down on a towel, he peed all over she was going to have to wash him all over again.  She said to him frustrated....Mason Antonio Dominguez.....What did you do!?!?!?    and.......he starts LAUGHING at her!  She says to me, Can you believe that mom!?!?!  He laughed at me.  Oh boy mom....I think I am going to have one little boy full of mischief!!!!   
Mason is only six months old and his personality is really showing through!!!  LOL  Grammie can hardly wait to see her little mischief maker next week!  :-D  Have a wonderful weekend!!  Elaine

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