Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brooke and the new sewing machine!

Hello!  Well today was the big day...Brookster got her new sewing machine!  And she was thrilled.  We had from around 3 till 6:30 to get our sewing lesson in and eat supper.  First of all I taught her how to wind bobbins, and to thread the machine.  She practiced until she could completely do it all with out any prompting.  Then she decided she was hungry, so after listing my menu choices, she finally accepted the last offering....macaroni and cheese and hot dogs!  Typical kid, that's for sure!  When I was cleaning up the kitchen, she looked at me and said "Boy, was that a good meal!"  I can just see Lenore rolling her eyes right now!  Hee Hee. We went back to the dining room table and then I had her start sewing some blocks together.  She did very well, and if she jammed up the thread or something, I would suggest that she rethread the machine, or rethread the bobbin and she did.  It got so that I won't even have to tell her and she would know what to do.  She caught on very quickly and never got frustrated, not even once!  And she kept telling me that she could "do this all day long", which of course Aunt Elaine loved to hear!  After she sewed a little stack, then I took her in and showed her how to set the seam with the iron and then press.  I tell you, she had the knack of pressing right away, better than most adults I have seen press, me included.  I think that is probably because she hasn't ironed clothes.  That is what I am guessing, so she isn't in the habit of moving the iron around.  And, she is a piler.  Once she got into a little routine of sewing blocks, she started stacking things into piles, sorting things.  She is just like me and had never seen me do it.  I had to smile to myself and was thinking that I wish Di could see this, she would laugh so hard.  When Di and I would sew together she would think it was pretty funny how I would have all these neat little stacks and she would have things all over the place!  Unlike the rest of the house, what ever area I am working in has to be neat, or it drives me nuts!  Brooke had time to assemble two rows before her dad arrived and he was kind enough to finish up and let her sew the two rows together, and press the seam open.  You should have seen her face....she looks at me and says..."This really looks like a quilt"!   I am not sure what she expected it to look like, but I think she was quite amazed that it was looking like a quilt.  She had really wanted to sew doll clothes for the webkinz, but I told her that she needed to learn to sew straight seams first and that to make them a little quilt would be the best way for her to learn. She was fine about that. She laid her "two rows" over the horse before she left to test it out.  I talked with her about other things that she was going to need to learn and that we would need "lots" more sewing lessons.  She was really wishing that she could stay over tonight but she has summer school in the morning and ball practice in the evening.  Mike said that the whole month of August was going to be free so hopefully she will be able to come over a lot then but I am guessing that she will figure a way to get back here before then.  She has fallen in love with sewing, hook line and sinker......I am such an enabler!  I hope you enjoyed her smiling little face and look of surprise.  I don't think she had a clue that a sewing machine would be in that box!  It was fun to make her dreams come true today!  Pay it forward...make someone's dream come true!  Have a good one, and until tomorrow, adios!

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