Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker's Man...

It's a rainy day in Friendship, WI.  Let's hope it keeps raining and that it get's the rain out of it's system before the weekend so it is nice for the flea market.  I am cleaning out a few stamping things so you may want to stop down and take a look.
Melissa stopped over this morning for a little visit before her hair appointment.  After she left I started decorating the baby shower cake and I have that all done except for the baby buggies I want to make for the top of it.  Hence the patty cake...can you tell I am excited about playing that with the new baby!?!?!  Actually I will get to do that next week at the baby shower in Milwaukee for Jenna with little Saul.  He is now 2 but he loves when I play patty cake with him as no one else does.  I had just finished cleaning up the table from the cake decorating and Sandy Wellumson was over for a visit and to place an order.  After she left I got the order put in and then headed up town.  I had hoped to get to the bank before it closed but no such luck.  I decided that I needed some Hershey's Kisses so picked some up at the Family Dollar store, which I have discovered to be the cheapest place in town to buy them and they are fresh.  An important thing for a chocolate lover!  Any whoo...while I was there I asked if they had any of those touch circles/lamps that people put in closets that run on batteries.  The one clerk said no and then the other remembered that they had them in the baby section and asked if I minded if it was tinker bell.  I said no, I didn't care.  But when I got over there, I discovered that they had Cinderella, my favorite Disney character.  Perhaps I like Cinderella because  I am still waiting for Prince Charming to come and rescue me....LOL  Not much chance of that happening any time soon, so I will happily stay in my own castle.
I may have told you this before, but when I was five my dad told me that if I learned how to tell time he would buy me a watch.  So I quickly learned how to tell time and I got a beautiful Cinderella watch with a pretty blue leather band.  I wore it for a long time and it finally stopped.  I really wish I would have kept it as I absolutely loved that watch.  You are probably wondering what this has to do with the tea of china as I have been rambling on, and you are probably wondering why I wanted the touch lamp.  Well this winter, the interior lights in the van went out. All of them, so if you go any where at night and you open the door to the van, you can't see a thing.  Or if you come home at night, like after stamp camp, I have to park by the back door, turn on the outside light, to be able to see to unloaded the vehicle. The dash lights work fine but none of the interior lights.  I haven't been able to get it fixed, and when Kim and I were going to Mauston last week I had mentioned it to her, and she said she had the same thing happen with her car and she had bought one of those touch lamps and put it in her car and it worked great.  So for $1.50 I now will have a light in my van and if you ride with me, you will now know why Cinderella is sitting on the dash!  I told Di about my Cinderellie lamp tonight and she thought that was quite funny.  So how do you like my stamping project today!?!?!  Didn't these turn out cute!?!?  It is a set of 3 mini note cards and envelopes.  This will be one of the prizes at the baby shower.  I think I will make some to sell also, when I find the time!

Recipe: Stampin' Up! stamp sets: FYI, Baroque Motifs, Priceless, Card Stock: Orchid Opulence, Whisper White, DSP: Cottage Wall. Ink Orchid Opulence, 3" x 3" Square Envelopes, 1 3/8" Circle Punch, Scalloped Circle Punch, Circle Scissor Plus and Glass Mat, Dimensionals, scoring tool, mat pack and piercer

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  1. This project is gorgeous! Can you provide some instructions for it?