Friday, June 25, 2010

Garden Whimsey and Animal Stories Book marks

Hello!  I had lots of people in and out today with the new catalog arriving.  Nadine was over this afternoon and we got her party finalized and I put it in right away.  In between things I worked on making up some card making kits to sell.  These will be really great for people who have trouble putting colors together.  I have had people tell me that I am good at this so I decided to make up some kits that have card stock, designer paper, ribbon, buttons, and stamped images all to match.  A little cutting and gluing and you can have a dozen adorable cards.  Hop on over to the flea market to pick one up and some of the packages of new ribbon I am putting in!
Diane had a craving for Chinese today and asked me if I would go with her and that she would treat.  We had a most delicious meal and good conversation.  I am pooped, and think I will get my jammies on and hit the hay early tonight!  I am sure I know some kitties who would be very happy about that!  Have a great weekend!  Me

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