Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A very sweet thoughtful gift!

Hi!  What I am sharing with you tonight is not something that I made, it was something given to me, a very special gift.  Sue Bartels made this for me and gave it to me at Nadine's party.  Several months ago, her name was drawn for one of the door prizes out of my door prize basket.  She chose this half heart shaped book, and she told me that she loves to do altered book projects.  I was teasing her that I wanted to see what she made after she was finished with it, and she said that I would, and I forgot all about this. Well, I never dreamed that she would make something for me.  She told me that she took the whole book apart.  All the pages were heavy duty chipboard.  Well she made her own pages for the book, and reassembled it with two of the chipboard pieces for the front and back covers.  She also made books for each of her grand daughters with these chipboard pieces for the covers!  Talk about upcycling.....I think this girl has me beat on that one.  What a clever idea.  Any how, she knows how I love my babies, Molly and Taffy so she made me a book and stamped all sorts of different cats on the pages, and even stamped me two coupons good for two hugs!  I am saving those for later....and she immediately got a hug when I saw this book before I even say the coupons!  I am going to use it as a birthday book to keep track of when everyone's birthday is.  I didn't take picture's of all of the pages, but took a bunch so you could see the inside of it.  She has many adorable cats stamped on the pages.  The very last page of the book she had me read.  It says: May HAPPINESS touch your LIFE, today as you have so often TOUCHED the lives of OTHERS.
That is so sweet!  You did a wonderful job on this book and it is a gift I will always treasure.  Thanks again Sue!  Sending you a great big hug!  Love, Elaine

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