Monday, June 14, 2010

Owl Tag

Hello-  I must be getting relaxed as I am sure am getting sleepy.  A quick blog post and then off to bed!  This is the tag that I made for Jenna's baby quilt package.  I made her tags instead of cards so that she could use them in Mason's baby book &/or scrapbook.  And I love to make tags.  I am hoping to have a play day soon to just fiddle around and make a bunch.

Diana made us her famous tuna fish sandwiches today.  She loves to make her "secret" recipe for us.  We worked on finishing up Jenna's big pile of thank you cards late this afternoon and evening.  I have 44 boxed up for her.  We will take them to Madison tomorrow when we meet Jenna.  Jacqueline came over tonight and she helped us with finishing the last of them and then we worked on punching out a bunch of scraps and we sent we the ones we punched home with Jacqueline so that she and Brittany will have some embellishments to work with.  Jacqueline said to me, "I could do this kind of stuff all day long".  I said me too.  That is my kind of girl!  Brittany was sick and was upset that she couldn't come.  I told Jacqueline to tell her not to worry about it, they are welcome to come any time.  They are such good girls.  Diana thinks it is pretty cool that they have chickens and wants to go out to see them.  She has decided that she would like to move up her so that she can have a chicken.  What a nut.  I can hardly wait till her parents hear that one.  She told me that her mother asked her what she likes the most that I cook while she is here and she told her beer bread!  Oh my...what a good impression.....LOL  I said to her what did she about that, and she said her mom makes things with wine and beer too so she didn't care.  WHEW!!!~  I thought she had me in trouble for sure!  (Like that would be the first time!)  Good night!  Elaine

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  1. Hi, Got a happy chuckle out of your story about Diana and the beer bread. I would sure like to meet her sometime as she just sounds so sweet and cute. Always interested in things and wanting to expand her horizons and learn new things. And she would like a chicken too! That was pretty cute! Have a good day you two!