Sunday, June 13, 2010

The baby quilt!

Hello!  Well the big day was finally here....the baby shower.  It turned out very nice.  Jenna received some beautiful gifts, we had lots of wonderful food, and a good time was had by all.  This is the baby quilt that I made for her.  She really liked it.  There are 6 blocks in each row and I made 10 rows.  I just cut 2" strips and sewed them around the squares, and then squared up the blocks so they were 6 1/2" square.  I decided this would be the best way to make sure my quilt turned out square as everyone cuts different, and I didn't want to re cut all the I spy blocks.  This worked out really well!  So the quilt turned out to be about 36" x 60".  If I had to do it again, I might make the rows 7 blocks wide by 10 blocks long.  But it looks fine and is plenty wide.  I would have had  to piece the back and this way I did not have too!  I bought 2 yards of fabric for the back and had plenty to bind it with as there was a chunk of fabric on the length of the quilt that I could use for one strip of binding.  I even had some left over fabric. It takes a yard each of 2 different colors to frame the squares.  Diana came home with me today after the shower and will be staying until Tuesday.  So I am looking forward to some fun time with her.  She has been talking up a storm.  She is so quiet in big groups and it is like a switch flips when she gets alone with me.  The last time I posted I was starting to tell you about the movie theater we went to.  In the center of it when we came out after the movie they had a person playing the piano, and their were lots of big over stuffed chairs you could sit in surrounding it so you could sit and listen.  Jenna said that sometimes they have a player piano out there too.  They also have a bar in this theater and you can have dinner and watch a movie.  I imagine that would be pricey.  But it is a cool concept if you can afford it.  We did a whole bunch of garage sales on Friday and that was a lot of fun and we really found some good deals on somethings.  I am thrilled with my purchases and Jenna was just as tickled with hers.  Now to get all the stuff put away.  I have been so busy, it looks like a small tornado went through here....LOL  Have a good one!  Me

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  1. What a cute bright baby quilt! Would love to see it in person so that I could look at each and every square! I am sure you had fun making it. Seems you had a lot of fun in the big city and with Jenna. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of the baby shower. All my grands are grown up but wish there was still a little baby in the family. Have fun with Diana!