Friday, June 11, 2010

A card for a friend

Hello!  I am back...back home that is.  I blew in tonight at 10 pm, a day later than I originally planned.  If it weren't for the baby shower on Sunday, I would probably STILL be gone...LOL  I have been at Jenna's in Milwaukee since Monday.  I arrived there in the afternoon and we went to her baby shower in Milwaukee at Roberto's and Edith's house.  It was my first Mexican party to attend and it was a fun experience.  I took A LOT of pictures and will tell you about that experience another day.  It is late, I am tired, and want to go to bed.  I am waiting for my beer bread to get done for tomorrow's sample at the flea market.  We had a whirl wind week and so much fun.  As usual, I did not want to come home.  My main purpose of this trip was to help transform the front porch in to a bedroom for Diana.  And that we did!  I have pics of that too.  I hemmed a curtain, sewed a pillow case and dresser topper, sewed a curtain for the outside door, shopped for curtains, and ironed 10 humongous curtains over 2 days and got them hung.  We went to see the movie Sex and the City, in this really cool movie theatre....buzzer is buzzing so am going to run.  More tomorrow!

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