Sunday, November 1, 2009

Webkinz Outfit

Good Evening! I have been a busy girl since I wrote to you last night! I ended up staying up till 1 am working on stamp camp projects. I was on a roll so just kept working. One of the projects I had already designed and I did all the cutting and packaging of that. The other project, I designed and cut...and boy you are going to love both of them. One of them is an adorable Christmas card and the other one you will want to whip up tons of for gifts! It will make a great gift for all those people you want to remember but don't want to spend a lot of money on.

This morning after I got up, I designed and cut project #3. It is all still laying there though, waiting to be packaged up and I need to make a few changes on my sample. Jessie, my teenage friend that helps me, came over at 1 and we worked upstairs till 4:30. We got soo....much done! The shelves that Breezy put up for me are almost full. You would not believe how much fabric I have. Seeing it all on the shelves even amazes me. I had it in so many different rooms of the house that it didn't seem like that much. Well...that is not entirely truthful...I knew I had a lot, but having it all in one room really makes it look like a lot. I still have fabric in one other spot of the house that needs to be moved in there too. We have a few boxes left to do in there and then I think we will pretty much have all the current shelving filled up. I have one more partial wall left with out shelving on it and I think I will have Breezy do that wall too. Then it will be floor to ceiling on all four walls. When we get this room done. I will shoot you a picture. There was no way I was going to shoot a "before picture" or you all would be turning me into Clean House and they would be trying to get me to get rid of it!!!! LOL I said to Jessie today, "Have you ever seen this much fabric?". She said "Just in a store. When we get this done, you could sell out of here and have your own store! LOL She is definitely right about that but that is not the plan. I will be able to sew from my own store! And speaking of sewing, my niece Brooke asked me to make her clothes for her Webkinz for Christmas. Mom and I talked about it and she decided that she would buy one off of Brooke's wish list for Christmas. I ordered it on line from Jenna's website and had it shipped here so that I have one to try the clothes on and make sure they fit. I have not been able to find a pattern for this size doll or stuffed animal. I did order a new small dog pattern off Ebay but it has not arrived yet. This is the out fit I made tonight for her new plush kitty that she will be getting from Grandma. I am pretty proud of myself as I didn't have a pattern, didn't take any measurements, and it fits! I just cut it out free hand with the scissors and laid the cat down by it after wards to make sure I had the length of it about right. After I sewed it up, I took one look at it and thought this is never going to fit, how am I going to get this over the cat's head!?!?! But I didn't have any trouble getting it on it. Then I decided to sew button's down it's tummy to spruce it up a bit. Brooke had asked me also if I knit (NO) as she wanted a sweater. This fabric is kind of a nubby velour like sweat shirts and jacket's are made of so it is sort of sweaterish. I hope she likes it. When she asked me if I would make her some clothes for Christmas, she said you know Aunt Elaine, they cost like $30.00 an outfit. I don't even have 50 cents in this outfit. What a racket! Any whoo....I also wanted to mention that if you would like to go to Jenna's website this is the address for it:
It is pretty cool. They have over 3000 partner store's on it. If you want you can search for a product and it will tell you which store's have it and what the price is. I put in the Webkinz and it came up with 2 places that had it. Both were the same price in this case and I ordered it from ToysRus. Starting in November, if you sign up as a preferred customer on Jenna's website you can get 2% cash back on all your purchases. I also ordered ink cartridges from Inkgrabber about a month ago and it is the lowest price I have found. I can't get them refilled at Cartridge World cheaper. So check out the site when you have a minute, if you are a online shopper, like I am, you will love it!

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