Friday, November 27, 2009

Hello!  Today Paul and I went to Tomah to the VA for his eye appointment.  I stitched while I was waiting and almost finished the project I was working on.  Just a little more left to do on it.  Then we went out for breakfast and had Ham and Cheese Omelets.  We both like those a lot.  I talked him into taking me to Good Will and he went to the Tractor Supply store.  I was very happy to find a pair of jeans.  I really need jeans badly right now.  Mine are all shot.  I also found 3 heavy duty metal pants hanger's which I love and they will be so great when I get in there to organize my clothes!  And the deal of the day was a whole bunch of homespun fabric for a $1.00 per yard!!!  And I found a couple other nice chunks of fabric that were pretty cheap too.  I ended up being done before Paul was.  He was having too much fun at the Tractor Supply store buying bird feeders and food for his yard, and picking out things to spoil my cats.  He got Taffy and Molly each a cat collar and picked out color's that he thought would best match there fur.  They have a little bell on them and he got them a bag of mice.  We ended the day with a trip to the grocery store so I could get food to make my dishes for tomorrow's Thanksgiving with my family.  When we got back, I put the cat collar's on the cat and they did not know what to think of that.  They were trying to figure out where the bell sound was coming from and why every time they moved it was ringing.  Taffy has adjusted to it fairly well, but Molly is really mad about it.  She is finally taking a nap right now.  Probably wore herself out....hee hee.  They look really cute in them and I will try and get a nice picture to show you.  They love the new mice as they have some sort of beans that rattle in them and they have never had that kind before.  Taffy was hopping around with a white one in her mouth like she had caught the prize trophy!  I hope that Molly gets use to her collar.  When I was resting she jumped up on the bed and was under the cover growling she was so mad.  She is making it perfectly clear to me that she is really miffed about it all.  If she really hates it, I will take it off, but first want to give it a try for awhile and see if she will adjust to it.  Well, I need to get out to the kitchen and do some cooking.  Have a great night!  Me

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