Sunday, November 8, 2009

True Friends Digi Image

Hello! I have been working on cards to show my stamp camp groups. I have some really neat ones. I am featuring the stamp set Berry Christmas from the mini catalog. It is such a versatile stamp set. Lots you can do with it.

I just put the ingredients in my kitchen aid mixer to make an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie for tomorrow's stamp camp. The recipe is from the new Horse and Buggy cookbook that Paul bought for me. I forgot to lock down the mixer and it went flying all over the place! All over the counter and kitchen floor. Taffy of course had to come check it out right away and ate a little bit of the dry mixture off of the floor! It was such a mess and all over the rug that I decided the best way to clean it up was with the vaccum. Part of the reason it flew so much is that the butter was still frozen. I decided to throw it all in the mixer and stir it up later when the butter had on thawed. Well.....I was pushing the mixer further back on the counter and I hit the on control button unintentionally. That's about as much excitement that has happened around here today! The phone has been quiet except for one short call this morning. Sunday's are usually a good day for me to get some stamping done as it is the quietest day of the week around here. Oooops.....I did forget that Jen called while I was stamping . I always enjoy our visits. We are going to try and finish up some of the wedding preparations this week. It is creeping up too fast. Only a month and a half away now!

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