Thursday, November 5, 2009

38 Ways to use ribbon

38 ways to use ribbon in your scrapbooking
I love the versatility of ribbon when scrap booking. Ribbon can be used to draw focus or just add some embellishment and bling. Many of you may be looking for ways to use up all those ribbons you have stashed and I am hoping this article will give you an idea or two, to use ribbon in your scrap booking.

1. Tie a knot in a piece of ribbon, then trim the tails at an angle (to prevent them from fraying) and use a Mini Glue Dot™ to secure the knot at the corner of a photo.

2. Use the same method next to your journaling.

3. You can also wrap ribbon around a photo or around your page as a border, securing the ends of the ribbon to the backside of the photo or paper with tape, this will add an interesting corner to your photo or page.

4. You can also attach ribbon with brads (make a tiny hole through the ribbon before securing it) or even staples or clips for an artsy look.

5. Tie onto a tag, photo mat, border, or photo as an accent.

6. Use with a hole punch to make a booklet.

7. Use to secure a fold open photo frame.

8. Tie it to paper clips or other fancy clips to add interest to your design.

9. Staple on the edge of your photo, journal block or title.

10. Places strips of ribbon behind your photo to use as a mat.

11. Attach a ribbon charm and use as a long border.

12. Thread through eyelets and tie as an accent.

13. Tie onto a slide holder for a small picture frame.

14. Tie onto each end of a metal label holder.

15. Tie small bits of ribbon onto a larger piece for a unique border design.

16. Stamp words and sayings or even images onto your larger ribbons and use as a title.

17. Weave ribbons together like a basket to create interest and texture in your layout, use this a as a mat, a background, a border.

18. Tie many ribbons around a plain spiral notebook to create an interesting journal or scrapbook.

19. Use ribbon to secure several paper bags, envelopes or any other paper scraps together to create a small scrapbook.

20. Tie around jump rings of small, shaped scrapbooks to spice them up a little.

21. Fold and secure your ribbon with snail adhesive to make your ribbon form the letters of your scrapbook title.

22. Use ribbon and your paper scraps to create an interesting journaling tag for your layout.

23. Tie it to the bottom of your photo mat, to add interest and texture.

24. Make small bows for your girly scrapbook pages.

25. Fold thick ribbon diagonally to make your own photo corners.

26. Use ribbon to create stems and leaves for your stamped flowers on your layouts.

27. Place a decorative brad in the center of small ribbon strips to make a faux flower embellishment.

28. Use as a simple page border.

29. Use as color blocking borders.

30. Use small strips of ribbon to jazz up and add color to your chipboard shapes and letters.

31. Tie a small piece to a chipboard letter to add some bling.

32. Use ribbon scraps and rhinestones to create candles on birthday layout.

33. Use your re-inkers or chalks to add color to your plain white ribbon, you have virtually any color at your hands.

34. Stamp a decorative border onto the ribbon and use on your layout.

35. Use small letter stamps to add bits of journaling to your ribbon strips, such as dates, lists or just random words pertaining to your layout like (soccer - goalie - sports - determination, etc.).

36. Set eyelets or brads through the length of the ribbon to create a funky trim for your layout.

37. Use the eyelet punch to add an interesting border to your layout, mat or journal box and thread your ribbon through it to add a trim.

38. Tie ribbons through buttonholes and attach with glue dots.

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