Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Card

Hello!  Well...I escaped Dodge today and it sure felt good!  Susie invited me to come along with her to the Rapids today.  I got my outfit for the wedding and it is very nice.  I like it a lot.  They were running some very good sales at Younkers.  The jacket and shell were 50% off, the pants $10.00 off plus Susie gave me a $50.00 coupon so I got a good deal on a Laura Ashley outfit!  It is very dressy but yet I will be able to wear it again.  So I am very happy to have that done.  While Susie was picking out clothing for her Grandkids for Christmas, I checked Penney's out and then the thrift shop.  I found my Christmas sweater for Angela's Ugliest Christmas Sweater contest that we are having at our annual cookie bake next month.  It's a doozy!  LOL  When we were trying to leave Younker's we kept setting off the alarms.  The gal that had checked us out got all the ink tags off but they now have alarms hidden in some of the clothing too.  So we had to fiddle around checking bags through the door before we could finally get out of the store.  Susie had told our clerk that she was the "VP's" mother while we were checking out, which the clerk thought was pretty funny after she figured out it wasn't true.  So we had fun running with that one for awhile.  Then we had lunch at Hong Kong Buffet, made a stop at the Light House, and you would be very proud of me....I did not buy one thing there, but Susie made up for it.....lol.  Then we were off to Walmart and I bought 4 Christmas gifts, the ingredients for the desserts I am making for when we go to Paul's Thanksgiving, the ingredients for the cookie bake, plus some other groceries so felt that I got a lot accomplished today.  Of course when I got home, I had phone calls to return, dishes to do, cat box to clean, laundry to fold, and traced out some towels to stitch.  I am wiped now and am headed to bed!   Have a good one.  Me

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