Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Manhatten Embossing Folder

The house just shook most of the day as they had a machine rolling over the road.  One of my colbalt blue candlesticks fell but fortunately did not break, and I rescued a few other pieces from falling off of the glass shelves.  Rumor has it that they are paving on Friday.  I sure hope so.

I had planned on going to Milwaukee tomorrow and staying till Monday with Jenna but will not be able to go now.  :-(
I had my oil changed, and blinker socket fixed.  The radio has been out for 4 months and they checked that and that is shot so I need a new one.  That will have to wait awhile.  The bad news is that the rear right bearing is bad and needs to be fixed immediately so I am having that done tomorrow (hopefully).  The other bad news is that the front bearings on both tires are loose too.  He thinks I can hold off a little while on them.  So I will be stuck in town until I save up to have that repaired.  Fun Fun.

The good news is that Doug Renner put styrofoam in where the chimney was and caulked that up real good.  He is going to put siding over it too.  I am so thankful that I was able to get him to do the job as I was having problems getting a contractor to do it because it was such a small job.  Thanks again Doug!!

I have been crafting away and got 3 Christmas gifts made today so I am happy about that.  Only a zillion more to go!!!

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