Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Hunting We Will Go....

Hello!  I had to get up early today to pick up my Share box at the Community Center.  They set a record this month with over $3000.00 worth of food order's.  This is about double of what they normally do in a month.  I am guessing that people are sharing how they save money in these hard economic times.  Google  WI Share for more information about this program.  When I got back from picking that up, I had an email from Sarah titled "Good News".  Zach got an 8 point buck first thing this morning, so they are happy camper's and she said everyone would have beef jerky!  I finished getting things ready for today's stationary class, laid down for a bit and fell asleep which I had not intended on doing.  Fortunately the noon whistle woke me up otherwise I probably would have been asleep still when my class started at one!  The gals loved making the stationary box and most of them were heading home to make more of them right away while it was still fresh in there minds.  I got home around 3:30 and then put in my stamping order, did a few things and then decided that I would watch a little TV.  Well, I finished one movie and then fell asleep shortly after starting to watch the second one.  Guess it was a napper day...and doing classes really wears me out.  Tonight I finished the last project for December stamp camp and then made up a couple of sample cards.  I am getting sleepy so will be heading to bed.  I hope all your hunter's are catching the "big one", and that the stamper's are stamping away while they are gone!  Bring your stuff to camp for "show and tell".  We all love seeing what you are making!

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  1. Very cute! I like the colors and the layout!