Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stitchin' and a Sewin'

Hello!  I had a "play" day today and I really enjoyed it.  I was up in my sewing room this afternoon and pieced together a table runner with applique on top.  That is all I can tell you about it as I think I may be using this for a Christmas gift, unless I decide to keep is turning out so darn cute!  The cat's were thrilled to be up there with me and to have new entertainment.  I was not so thrilled.....:-(  Molly was up on the sewing table with me and her tail was hanging over the table.  Taffy started going after Molly's tail, and Molly would get mad about it.  She would just get laid back down and Taffy would do it again.  That part was pretty funny.  Then Taffy jumped up a couple of times trying to grab my applique pieces that I was cutting out.  She was just being a little dickens.  I had iron a bunch of fabric and had laid it over the top of a chair so that they wouldn't lay on it.  The minute I turned my was all laying on the floor!  I may have to start shutting the door when I am up there, but maybe the novelty will wear off.  Usually they cat nap in the afternoon but not today.  They didn't go back down stairs until I had been up there for several hours.  They think the sewing room is great fun!

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