Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's All in the Details

My neighbor Sue was over this morning and wanted to know if I had good water pressure. She lives directly across the street from me. I told her mine was fine. I guess there water pressure is terrible since the hookup and so is the neighbor's on the corner. I asked her if she knew when they were going to black top the road and she said it is scheduled for next Friday. But they are going to the Village Hall to complain about the water pressure on Monday, so I suppose the black topping will get delayed. :-(

Do you remember this summer when I was telling you how I was spending time coloring digital images? Well this is one of them. I think this girl is so cute. I took a picture of the embellishments for you to see closer, as all the little details really make a great card!

My nephew/Godson Bobby took his SAT's today. I can hardly believe he is that old. I still have trouble wrapping my head around the idea that he is driving.

Have a great weekend! Me

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