Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sewing Machine Picture Frame

Good Evening!  When I was shooting pictures of a bunch of projects that I have made, I thought you might enjoy seeing the sewing machine picture frame that Lady Di brought back for me on her trip.  Isn't it just da bomb!  I love it.
Today has been nutso around here with lots of people stopping in and out, and phone calls.  I tried to take a nap late this afternoon and every time I fell asleep....4 times to be exact....I got woke up by the phone, or a honking car horn...we won't name any names as to who drives in the yard and honks, for curb service.
In between things, I was working on Halloween tags.  I had a pile of scraps laying on the table from using the scalloped envelope die yesterday.  So I got this hair brained scheme that I would use them on some Halloween tags, and that it wouldn't take long to use them up.  Eight hours 24 tags, I still have a few sitting on the stamping desk.  Now if you had seen this pile, you would call me crazy and would have immediately thrown it out.  But you will be pleasantly surprised to see all the cute pictures of all the different tags I made.....another day!  Right now, I smell a cat box that needs cleaning....:-(  , the only negative thing about the little darlin's, I wish they would learn to clean their own litter box, or potty train themselves!!!  Have a good one!  Elaine

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